I don’t usually write about the returned cease and daily obligations of being a tour blogger (there are lots of exquisite websites for that) however I experience I even have Kedarkantha trek to speak up on the topic of working with a tour blogger and a way to keep away from those simply searching out a unfastened trip. While I became in Cape Town I became requested to speak at a South African Youth Travel Confederation assembly on the subject as many contributors were burned working with a travel blogger within the past. I agreed to achieve this because A) Cape Town and South Africa is notable and has been fantastic to me and B) the freeloaders affect me as properly.

Just the alternative day I got an e mail from a tour operator in Prague that wanted to work with me however had a bad enjoy operating with a tour blogger in the past. This is turning into a familiar reaction and needs to forestall. It’s now not right for the tourism enterprise and surely isn’t top for me.

With that I’m going to quickly undergo what working with a journey blogger can do on your logo, how running with a tour blogger is getting a horrific wrap, the way to work with the proper blogger, and the way to make the most of your funding.

In This Post…
What a tour bloggers can do to your emblem:
Good or awful, a travel blogger can create content material to your logo. This creates fabric you may use to expose how excellent your carrier is. In go back it may assist along with your seo (search engine marketing) – with out getting too deep into that concern, the extra content you’ve got about your brand at the internet the higher you could rank on Google which makes it less complicated on your enterprise to be determined on line.

via Flickr CC – Sean MacEntee
Social media
Blogging is a form of social media itself however running with an established travel blogger means you may make use of their target market on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as nicely. It is a shape of publicity and may reach a whole lot of people if accomplished properly.

Via Flickr CC- Jason Howie
thru Flickr CC- Jason Howie
Real angle
TripAdvisor is king in terms of evaluations however it isn’t very non-public. Having an revel in shared by way of a person real can go an extended manner, particularly with a journey blogger that has a good following. Even if she or he doesn’t have a massive attain you may nonetheless use that content material in your benefit which I gets into shortly.

This all sounds incredible, right? Then why is their a black cloud forming round running with a tour blogger?

Where it’s going wrong
If you do a search on “How to Make Money with a Travel Blog” you may discover many websites announcing how easy it is. The top hits will promise loose lodges, tours, and flights – all you have to do is snap a few photos and jot a few things down. Let me let you know, it is not that smooth. Some of these posts are executed by the ones trying to promote you on a application or ebook on the subject and has lead to some misconceptions approximately travel bloggers and has made it a bad name to a few within the travel enterprise.

Yes, every person can do what I am doing however…
It’s nearly embarrassing how lengthy it takes me to complete a blog submit. From writing the content to enhancing images and placing all of it collectively in an attractive and presentable way, it is lots of labor. A lot. Add web site renovation (I have had a brand new website in the works for months now and cant get to it), staying on pinnacle of social media, and in fact traveling – it’s a difficult gig.

OK, perhaps now not that difficult.
OK, perhaps not that tough.
Now this isn’t a “bad Shaun put up” as I am nicely aware of the perks and am lucky to acquire them. What I am pissed approximately is the bad light this is cast on running with a journey blogger because of those that are just out for a loose ride. Travel running a blog is tough enough for those that are critical about it. The ones which might be seeking out a free trip are making it even greater difficult.

With such a lot of journey blogs available how are you going to make certain you’re working with the proper one? Well…

Working with the proper Travel Blogger
When you acquire a request from journey blogger or are considering the use of one the primary factor you’re going to do is check out their site. Have a look around. Read some content and spot in the event that they would be a terrific match for your emblem. If they pitched you are they seeking out an trade of service, charge, or each? Paying for the provider of a decent travel blogger is turning into the norm and can make certain you are becoming a person who is searching out more than only a handout. The saying “you get what you paid for” is legitimate within the blogging world too.

Through Flickr CC – Maria Reyes-McDavis
via Flickr CC – Maria Reyes-McDavis
Next take a look at their social media channels and notice if they are active and may again up their claims. If the pitch did no longer include a media kit ask for one. An installed blogger will have this conveniently to be had and might backup their claims (site site visitors, social media numbers, etc) with it.

If you are nevertheless on the fence about working with this travel blogger ask for references or attain out to the brands they’ve worked with in the past. This once more will weed out those searching out a unfastened ride.

The above should give you a terrific idea of who you are working with however to make certain you received’t get burned permit’s speak about the way to make the maximum out of operating with a travel blogger:

Set expectancies
I even have had my share of hotels offer a unfastened live without asking for something in return. You would suppose this will be extraordinary for me however it creates a running courting in which there are not any expectancies – which isn’t exact for either facet. Instead, set expectancies. Ask how many tweets, Instagram photographs, and weblog posts you will acquire for your funding and whilst you will receive them. This does a couple of factors – it sets a operating dating in place of one in which the travel blogger does the naked minimal, it units deliverables, and it can weed out people who may not be beneficial for your logo.

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